Chromecast: What is Chromecast? How does it works?

Google Chromecast explained, what is chromecast? how this small wireless device from Google factory casts your smartphone, tablet or laptop to your BIG screen TV.

Chromecast is trending, reaching fast from the manufacturers to the tech lovers, gaining popularity and when this device is from Google factory, then it truly comes as a masterpiece for enjoying high definition streaming on your BIG screen.

What is Chromecast?

Chromecast is a wireless device that enables you to connect your smartphone, tablet or even your laptop’s screen to your TV. It is a high definition multimedia interface device, also called as HDMI dongle or plug, which enables you to enjoy online music, video, movies etc on your connected TV. In simpler words, it enables you to get streaming content of any music or video directly to your TV with your android device acting as a controller to operate for viewing the same.

How does Chromecast Works?

If your TV is supporting an HDMI output, then this small device is all set for you to get connected to the streaming content right from your android phone. It works by making connection to your android phone with the help of WiFi.

Step One (#1)

First download the chromecast app on your device and install this app. After successful completion of the installation of the app on your device, then follow step two.

Step Two (#2)

In this step, you just need to plugin this chromecast dongle into the  HDMI output port of your TV.

Chromecast plug into tv

Step Three (#3)

Now you need to connect your dongle with your WiFi connection and pair it with your android device.

Step Four (#4)

Now look for the chromecast symbol on your apps menu to start operating and streaming the content on your BIG screen.

Why to buy Chromecast?

If you are big screen lover who loves to enjoy streaming content from various popular sources like Netflix, Pandora, ESPN, HBO etc, then this device is the right media player device for you.

To see all apps supported by Google Chromecast, then see official listing here.

You can even now cast your Google+ profile, posts, photos, multimedia and more through this chromecast on your big hd tv. You can flip through different posts, comments on your big screen.

I just love to watch YouTube videos and listen music with the Google’s flagship apps – YouTube and Google Play Music that works superbly with this Chromecast.

Tip- You can easily boost the rhythm to your party with big screen magic through chromecast, streaming the favorite tracks and videos directly on your big screen.

What is the price of chromecast?

Google Chromecast is a cheap thumb size device, that is available at a price that everyone could afford to buy. Various online eCommerce  like Amazon,eBay have made it available at $35-$40.

From Google official site , you can buy this device at just$35, but if you calculate actual cost that you pay for device is just $5 as you get bundle of free goodies coming packed with 90 days of unlimited music from Google Play for free when you buy and set up Chromecast by September 30, 2014. To buy it now from Google chromecast official site then click here.

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