Here is a real boxing game Real Steel Game

Get ready with your Robo into the arena for a ‘Real Boxing Match’

Are you crazy about wrestling or boxing to be more precise? You would have seen many humans fighting together in WWE or UFC, but how about two robots fighting together for a title? Some of you might have watched the movie ‘Real Steel’, which shows the same thing, which I call a ‘Robo-Wrestling Arena’. So, be ready with your Robo to fight and win the real boxing game Real Steel.

Those, who have seen the movie, would also familiar with the names of some of the Robos like, Atom (the super hero), Twin city (a robo with two heads), Noisy boy , Midas and many more of them in a real boxing game, ‘Real Steel’.

The theme of the real boxing game Real Steel is to fight all the way through and remove the throne from the clutches of Zeus. It is very similar to a boxing game which only permits punches and defending yourself from your opponent, winning money will enable you to upgrade your  robot.

Features of Real Steel:

  • Can play and challenge your friends, if connected with the help of a wi-fi multi-player.
  • Four modes which will check your ability to contest in a real boxing game Real Steel.
  • To make the game look all the more attractive, the game uses ten different arenas.

The important addition to the game is a gang of eight new players along with the old players already in the game, which also grabs the attention.

So, what are you waiting for? Download the game on your android phone and experience a totally new real boxing game Real Steel and try out your robo in the boxing arena.

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